Old Film

Mobile and Phones

Finally got around to developing this 35mm film a couple of days ago, I think it’s been around for a year or more waiting. The film was actually out the can when I last attempted to develop then I realised that my developer was off! The film was then put back in the wee plastic case thing and it’s been sitting in a box ever since then.


Both above photographs are from a wee Edinburgh trip a couple of days at the Old Waverley Hotel. I had originally thought that the camera used was the Canonet QL17 but on developing it revealed a forgotten selfie and it’s definitely came from the Ricoh 500G, which I no longer have.


Above Edinburgh again. If you view these full screen you’ll notice all the dust and fluff a bit more that’s from my cheap wee scanner and not the actual negatives.

So all shot with the Ricoh 500G and the film in the back was the famous Poundland Agfa Vista Plus. I might need to put some pennies aside for a more dedicated scanner.


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