Tiger Tiger

Everybody wants to pass as cats
We all want to be big big stars, but we got different
reasons for that….

More from Magic Natura down by the tigers.
Cats like to sleep so when you go to see these then that’s what they’re doing, unless they’re being fed. Half past one and the cats come alive waiting for their lunch and showing a decent turn of speed and some impressive swimming skills in the chase for the food. If one of these comes after you don’t think jumping in a nearby puddle is gonna stop them. Unlike most house moggies water is their friend.


Cat fact 1: Claws are can grow up to 4 inches so that’s gonna leave more than a wee red scratch from little Puddles back home.


Cat fact 2: They can jump up to ten meters the world record long jump is short of 9 so get working on that.


Cat fact 3: Padded feet means the stalk silently that makes for a better “Oh sh*t!” moment.


Cat fact 4: They’re the worst cat climbers good at going up rubbish at going down. You might want to incorporate tree climbing into your escape plans.


Cat fact 5: They have fewer teeth than dogs so shouldn’t hurt so much when they bite you.


Cat fact 6: They have the largest canines of the cat family and have special skills such as pressure sensing so they know where to sever the neck of their prey. Ignore fact 5 if it bites you’ll feel it.


Cat fact 7: White spots on the back of the ears, just fake eyeballs.

Tiger taking a swim.

Cat fact 8: The markings on the top of a tiger head resembles the Chinese character “Wang” which means “King”


Could have spent hours photographing these beautiful cats turned out I was lucky to get any with a dodgy SD card refusing to work on our first visit and a dying battery on our final visit.



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