The Sport Of Kings


A scorching summer’s day on Sunday past so I made the short train journey to the fair city of Perth for some horse racing, that’s Perth Scotland not Australia!
A nice wee breakfast in town before setting out was a chance to check the form before hitting the road.
First race isn’t until 14:00 hours and I’m in Perth just after 12 but decide to head up to the course anyway. Turns out a wise choice the road is absolutely rammed with everyone heading for the course, it’s family day so if you’re introducing the kids to the joys of gambling you want to get in early.


On my last visit to the course we didn’t spend too much time at the paddock but I made up for it yesterday, the visit was mainly to fire of some shots with a wee bit of gambling on the side.
As you can see from above some cracking horses on display, the first horse I backed looked pretty up for it on its walk around the paddock so I was hoping he was gonna come out like a rocket. He didn’t! The horse above was not the one I backed.


Above is the finish to the first race, four horses but it was basically between two Cesar Et Rosalie and Triolet. Tom Scudamore riding Cesar to victory in his first of four rides.


After a post race soaking to cool down one horse is taken back for a well earned carrot and maybe a sugar cube. Best viewed full screen just to see the muscle and bulging veins after a couple of circuits of Perth.


One of my favourite shots from Sunday. From the steeplechase, I’m sure this is also the water jump. I like the explosion of earth under the horses, amazing they land on such thin legs when they weigh around 500kg! According to the form guide they lose 5% of their bodyweight in a single race.
This was the third race, Florida Calling is in the lead but he would eventually finish second behind Urtheoneiwant(Tom Scudamore winning race 2) my horse Johnny Go finished just outside the E/W betting, the closest I would get all day.


Once you’ve picked your horse never change your mind. Like taking a penalty, pick your spot and stick with it. I changed my mind.
Tangolan came home in first which although wouldn’t have me in profit would have eased the pain. A bit.


Above Firstymini a fine looking horse with R. Mike Smith atop, a fair hurdler/chaser in France according to the guide finished third in the penultimate race.

Tom Scudamore B&W version

Tom Scudamore above. By this point he’d claimed three out of three and in the final race of the day was hoping to seal the day with a fourth victory which was a 26/1 shot. I’d say he looks fairly confident.


They’re coming past the post for the first time in the final race and Tom on Scottsdale is sitting behind the first three of Ask Shanroe, Lady Samback and Ginny Brig.


A different view the second time past the post with Scudamore completing his quadruple on Scottsdale. A fiver on him completing the four would have returned 135 quid, hindsight is a wonderful thing they say.


First past the post! The finishing line of the old circuit, there’s been racing at Perth since 1613 that’s the year not the time. Hopefully I’ll be back again before the season ends.


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