Any Colour As Long As It’s Black & White


First film I’ve shot and developed for a wee while. These are from a recent trip to Glamis to have a look at the classic cars.
Couldn’t find the charger for the DSLR so it was film all the way shooting with the Bronica ETRSi and some Ilford HP5+.
Top image the Model T Ford, the first car widely affordable to the masses shifting around 16.5 million. Apparently in the first few years of production it was not available in black!


The classic spoke wheel of a Jaguar. I can’t remember what kind of Jag but I know it wasn’t an E Type.


Didn’t take any shots of the actual complete cars mainly just parts and usually the radiator grills like the above DeSoto and the below Vauxhall.



Dodge Charger RT maybe the 1968 version? Not 100% but having a quick Google it appears to be that model.
Below the classic VW Camper and holy grail for kids of the 80’s looking for that Beastie Boys fashion accessory.



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