Attack Of The Coos!


Sunday past I decided to drag the tripod out for a wee shot that’s been in my mind for months, maybe years.
Left the house under steel grey skies only to get to the bottom of a fair climb under scorching summer conditions! Scottish summer that is. Not shorts weather but not wrapped up for a trek to the polar south either.

Despite the warmth I soldiered on to my destination. The cloud’s moving pretty fast and I’ve got visions of a stunning long exposure shot. Once I get to the location I can see what I’ve come to photograph but the only thing in the way is a cow infestation of epic proportions!
I briefly think that if I go in they’ll probably moooooove off to the udder end of the field but then decide it’s not worth the risk and bugger off without firing a single shot.

The top image is from another field on the way home. A happy bunch of moo moos and a rather frisky bull stalking his harem.


Would have loved a shot of him face on but he wasn’t up for getting too close to the camera.
I’m thinking that there may be a wee cow cull on the horizon but I’m obviously far from an expert in the world of cow farming. If there is then I’ll get my shot if there’s not expect to see cows standing beside you in Tesco!

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