Burtonesque Barcelona

A wee jaunt to Barcelona last week right before Catalonia decides it’s going to declare independence from Spain. There’s a fairly heavy police presence around one of the squares but mainly it’s just tourists and locals going about their daily business.


First stop is the Sagrada Familia. They started building it in 1882 with Gaudi taking over as chief architect the following year and dedicating the rest of his life to it. 1926 and Gaudi is dead, the project is less than a quarter completed. The goal for completion? Somewhere around 2026!

I’m not what you’d call a religious person although it was always good to see the Reverend Powrie walking into the primary school classroom. A scene which meant the maths books are being put away and we were getting a tale from the good book. I’m not what you’d call a mathematician either but not sure you can blame that on stories from the Bible.

I’ve done a little bit of research on the Passion side of the cathedral, my favoured side. The statues made me think of a Tim Burtonesque world which is probably not what was in mind during construction.

First photograph above is The Denial of Peter the three women looking on refers to Peter’s three denials the cockerel means something too but I’ve closed that tab so it’s lost to me now.


Above The Last Supper and below the crucifixion a few meanings in this sculpture.


Finally the Resurrection below. A bit gutted that I didn’t shoot more of it, gives me an excuse to return. Well worth a visit if you’re in Barcelona absolutely rammed with tourists, it’s the most visited site in Spain.


Almost forget the video below is how it’s going to look when it’s completed. Roughly 100 years after Gaudi’s death.

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