Stadio Sant’Elia The Final Match

Stadio Sant’Elia The weekend past saw the last competitive match at Cagliari’s home ground Stadio Sant’Elia with a 2-1 victory over AC Milan, so I thought I’d redo some old photos I shot a few years back in tribute. The stadium has been Cagliari’s home since 1970 moving in the season after winning their so far one and only Scudetto triumph. Nessun Dorma, World In … Continue reading Stadio Sant’Elia The Final Match

Last Post Tombstone

Go out and shoot some film/digital or watch football and regret the chance to get out and a day wasted? Watched the football, or what I could be bothered to watch between flickin’ through recipes for tonight’s dinner and end up regretting the time wasted. Briefly nipped out and fired off a few rounds from the DSLR with a 28mm lens slapped on the front. … Continue reading Last Post Tombstone