A Day At The Museum

Had myself a little day off today so went for a wee walk around the McManus Galleries in Dundee for the first time in a long time.
The main reason for going was to take a couple of shots of some of the painting and give them a little tweak.

It’s taken ages to get these to embed and when I find out how to do it, it turns out to be the simplest way. The only problem is the videos stop at the end which is where they’re obviously supposed to but for these they work better if you right click on the video and select loop.

Silver Dollar


Forgot all about this photo of a painting. This along with a couple of other was hanging outside York Art Gallery to give the passing tourist a glimpse of what’s inside.

This particular one is Edward Burra’s Silver Dollar. I could copy and paste a load of stuff about the man and pretend I know lots about him but you’ll maybe prefer this documentary about him instead.

C Gull


Not content with dive bombing the locals for their Greggs sausage rolls the city seagulls have now taken to tagging the area in a brazen show of defiance towards the council’s attempts to move on the winged warriors.



Fired off the last shots from the Zorki 4K rangefinder today and the developed negatives look tack sharp! Scans tomorrow and maybe darkroom prints sometime in the future.

Never Mind the Bollocks, here’s the….


Quite possibly the greatest name for any optometrist ever! Specsavers probably thought they had a great name but this just blows it away.
The shop was closed when I passed it but it looks pretty cool inside with an old shop retro look about it.

In my mind a wee girl grew up always wanting to sell spectacles to old ladies. Then along came punk and her world changed! She gave up the optometrist course and became a punk rocker instead snarling and spitting into the pogo jumping crowd. Sadly punk died out but it’s flicking embers were reignited when Spex Pistols rose phoenix like from the ash of a forgotten time when safety pins and Johnny Rotten and his green teeth ruled Britannia!