Calton Gaol, Edinburgh

Built between 1815 and 1817 it was Scotland’s largest prison the tower(Governor’s House) above is the only part standing. Different sites list the demolishing on various dates from 1927 to 1938. Below Regent Bridge, seeing as Trainspotting 2 is out I thought I’d cash in with a shot from where part of the opening scenes of the original were shot. Continue reading Calton Gaol, Edinburgh

Scottish American

“If it be life that waits, I shall live forever unconquered. If death, I shall die at last, strong in my pride and free” The impressive memorial gifted by Scottish Americans for the Scots that fought in the great war. Just along the road at the Old Calton Cemetery there’s a statue of Abraham Lincoln the only statue of a US President in Scotland dedicated … Continue reading Scottish American

Miserable Edinburgh

The Castle Finally arrive to a sodden Edinburgh the kind of drizzle that penetrates to the bone. The whole sky is a dull grey with absolutely no sign of clearing or being able to leave any distinguishing background to the photographs. I suppose if I had the DSLR I could have photoshopped an effort in but I didn’t it was Ilford FP4+ medium format in … Continue reading Miserable Edinburgh