Where the river boat swayed beneath the sun . . . .

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Finished a roll of film the other day from the Canonet QL17. ISO was set at 400 and I didn’t remember ever having 400 colour film, turns out it’s been so long in there it was actually black and white in the back.
A couple of shots from Amsterdam tells me that the film has been in the camera for two years.

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For a little while I was on Google Street sipping a beer by the side of a canal but it seems that image is no longer available.

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Any Colour As Long As It’s Black & White


First film I’ve shot and developed for a wee while. These are from a recent trip to Glamis to have a look at the classic cars.
Couldn’t find the charger for the DSLR so it was film all the way shooting with the Bronica ETRSi and some Ilford HP5+.
Top image the Model T Ford, the first car widely affordable to the masses shifting around 16.5 million. Apparently in the first few years of production it was not available in black!


The classic spoke wheel of a Jaguar. I can’t remember what kind of Jag but I know it wasn’t an E Type.


Didn’t take any shots of the actual complete cars mainly just parts and usually the radiator grills like the above DeSoto and the below Vauxhall.



Dodge Charger RT maybe the 1968 version? Not 100% but having a quick Google it appears to be that model.
Below the classic VW Camper and holy grail for kids of the 80’s looking for that Beastie Boys fashion accessory.


Old Film

Mobile and Phones

Finally got around to developing this 35mm film a couple of days ago, I think it’s been around for a year or more waiting. The film was actually out the can when I last attempted to develop then I realised that my developer was off! The film was then put back in the wee plastic case thing and it’s been sitting in a box ever since then.


Both above photographs are from a wee Edinburgh trip a couple of days at the Old Waverley Hotel. I had originally thought that the camera used was the Canonet QL17 but on developing it revealed a forgotten selfie and it’s definitely came from the Ricoh 500G, which I no longer have.


Above Edinburgh again. If you view these full screen you’ll notice all the dust and fluff a bit more that’s from my cheap wee scanner and not the actual negatives.

So all shot with the Ricoh 500G and the film in the back was the famous Poundland Agfa Vista Plus. I might need to put some pennies aside for a more dedicated scanner.

Lattice Tree


Spotted this tree when I was running my first roll of film through the Bronica. I did shoot it but had loaded the film incorrectly so I didn’t shoot it. I like the way the bark seems to have a lattice look to it, probably happens on all trees of this species but not being knowledgeable on trees or tree species I couldn’t tell you.
It does have a nice shadow over it so probably a good thing I messed up the original shot.

Water Films


Finished off a roll of Ilford HP5 yesterday that was in the Bronica ETRSI the above shot was taken on a walk up Kinpurney Hill, Newtyle and the below one at Spink Den just outside Dundee.
I did take the Canonet out today but only fired off a couple of shots. The films been in there since last year and contains the memories of Amsterdam and maybe other forgotten gems, still a long way to go on it though.



Not too happy with the digitising of the negatives, I might do them again.

Calton Gaol, Edinburgh


Built between 1815 and 1817 it was Scotland’s largest prison the tower(Governor’s House) above is the only part standing. Different sites list the demolishing on various dates from 1927 to 1938.

Below Regent Bridge, seeing as Trainspotting 2 is out I thought I’d cash in with a shot from where part of the opening scenes of the original were shot.