I do like a marble statue in black and white, the blacker the better!
I’ve had a wee thing I’ve been planning to do for months I’m just too lazy to do it, but since we’ve signed off our 2019 holidays with a return to Italy and a first time to Rome and on seeing room upon room of marble statues I thought it would be a good opportunity to put my plan in action with a slight nod to Joy Division’s album cover Closer.


Hercules leads the page and the next one reminds me of Machinemensch from Metropolis or it did at the time I snapped the shutter . Below . . . I can’t remember, really should have snapped the info plates too although I’m sure it said it was made of fifteen separate pieces.


I need another trip to Italy if I want to recreate the Joy Division Closer photograph, the mausoleum on the cover sits in a cemetery in Genoa.
These images were taken in the Capitoline Museum, well worth a visit if you’re in Rome.

The Tourist Trap


Loved the old mosaics pointing the way on the streets of Venice, although in the future they may be pointing to the exit for tourists.
Having enjoyed a week touring the old streets I feel a bit bad after reading the New Yorkers’ article on how much misery we bring to people on our travels.

I can’t help but wonder what happens if you suddenly turn away tourists, especially when you’re relying on them paying 100 euros for a half hour gondola ride. Don’t forget the 30 second photo opportunity with two women in Disney dresses for 20 euros!
I’m also curious as to where the people that complain about tourists take their own holidays without they themselves becoming tourists?

Anyhow Venice is a great place and if you haven’t you should visit before you’re locked out!


I should really have written down the location of these photos or get a new camera with GPS. Below was walking away from the Jewish ghetto which was surprisingly empty of tourists and had a nice little photography exhibition.


This one below is from Doge’s Palace, it’s all starting to come back to me now.


Reflection Killer


Restoration work going on in Doge’s Palace. Persues eyes up Adam whilst Eve lurks in the background.
You can’t see it because I didn’t photograph it but if you’re ever in the palace you can amaze people by pointing out that the Medusa on his shield is actually a reflection and that’s how he was able to kill without turning to stone. . . which he is now.

Winged sandals, invisibility cloaks and head with snakes. All sounds like a myth to me.

The Colourful World Of Burano


We left Venice for a day and took a tour on the nearby islands the second stop was Burano with its little coloured houses.
They were all painted different colours so that in olden times fishermen could see their houses when they were coming back from sea.
Turned out not to be the greatest day for our adventure on the high seas, at least we didn’t get sunburnt.


Bianco e Nero


More from Venice and there will probably be more from Venice to come. A while back I was looking at the photographs of Josef Koudelka which led to me stumbling across the works of an Italian photographer, his name I can no longer remember. Anyway he had shot a lot of work in Venice may even have been from Venice himself, it was all in black and white and I think it’s the kind of city with it’s little alleyways and courtyards that look fantastic in black and white.


Impossible not to take a photo of a water when you’re on a city surrounded by the stuff.


St Mark’s Square shot for around 10 seconds. I was tripodless on the trip so I made do with whatever was flat and sturdy.
Below I found flat and sturdy but messed up the focusing and with being on one of the busiest bridges in Venice you don’t get a lot of time to be messing around to get the perfect shot.