Yesterday I had my close encounter with a raptor before that I spent a bit of time photographing this busy bee getting his fill from a thistle.
Flipped the old 28mm lens around in an attempt to get some macro efforts then switched to the extension tubes.
Top effort isn’t focused as you can see but I like the colours and the symmetry.


One third of our global food supply comes from the pollination that bees do.
No bees then you can cross a fair bit of food of your plate.
Apparently the bees are having a tough time at the moment, numbers are down. Who’s to blame? Just us humans.


All this talk on bees has the old classic Michael Caine movie The Swarm coming back to me. I checked out the trailer to jog the memory and decided to leave it as a memory despite it being top heavy with stars it holds less than 5 stars on IMDB.


Feather Droplets


Taking a Sunday stroll with the camera to Dronley Woods.
A cold day but nicely sheltered in the denser parts to keep the worst of the chill out. Spotted a couple of red squirrels but even with my zoom lens struggled to get close enough for a decent shot.
My shot of the day is this feather holding on to some water droplets. Flipped my 50mm lens and handheld it against the body for this macro effort.

Macro Testing


I was reading about a new Kickstarter lens today and remembered that I had a set of lenses that I’ve never actually used from K&F Concept.
They’re magnification addons these ones are 52mm so they screw into your kit lens with no problems. I just rammed all four together to give it X17 magnification and they worked pretty well on some slowly dying flowers.


I’ve tried reverse rings and extension tubes for macro stuff but these do just as good a job so I’ll keep them in the bag for when I’m out and about.