Beat Generation Dream


Well are you? Looking at Google images this seems to be a pretty popular question to spray over the walls of the world. Probably not so common is this sample of poetry below.


starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking
for an angry fix……

Allen Ginsberg, Howl Part I

A heavily cropped shot from Malta of a stenciled nod to the Beat Generation, clicking on Mr Ginsberg’s name will link you to the complete Howl Parts I and II.

Malta Arcade



I love these covered streets you get around Europe a nice way to keep the sun off you while you’re browsing Hugo Boss and other such boutique outlets. Nice arched ceilings pity the lamps are no longer in the middle, I assume they used to hang there at some point maybe a casualty of the wartime blitz.

I’ve got it in my head that these are called arcades, are they? Google tells me they are and I believe everything that Google tells me haha!

Doors That Time Forgot




Degiorgio & Azzopardi

A couple of doorways from Valletta. Love the curved signage on the green doors. Both look pretty interesting like they’ve not been opened for years maybe wee hidden time capsules to another time.

Forgot to add in the past few posts a little site I stumbled upon called a handy site for anyone travelling and looking for photographic inspiration, sadly I found this when I came back from Malta but it should come in handy for the next trip.

Malta Signs







HMV’s Nipper looks down over D’Amato’s music shop which was established in 1885.




I do like old signage especially the old ones painted on walls, sadly I didn’t spot too many of these. Nice to see some of the old style shop frontage from the days when it was good old Blighty in the sun.
The last shot of The Old Vic Cabaret is on Strait Street and apparently it had a bit of a reputation back in the olden days for the place to be for sailors, wine and women of the night!