Woodland Shapes


A Sunday stroll with the camera ended up shooting some texture in the local woods.


Perhaps I’ve posted this final shot before but it’s a tree I can’t help but photograph. It’s twisted trunk curling around creates a nice image.


Shots from a wanderer


Just starting out on my wee ten miler on Wednesday past I spot a slightly frosted leaf. I like frost and I like a single leaf, they remind me of New Order’s True Faith single cover.

Tales From The Black Forest

I always hope I can make one of these woodland trails look spooky and otherworldly. Think I’m still falling short, perhaps a mist shrouded day would be better.


Finally a forgotten driveway soon to be engulfed by the creeping foliage and hidden for good.

Time Team Walk


Well today is the last day of my Christmas holidays and despite telling myself at the start I’d do something everyday I did nothing daily. Made up for it today with a ten mile walk through the country highways and byways of Angus. I didn’t intend on going so far but I did and whilst heading homewards I passed a little stone circle site. The last time I was here the field was full of cows and knowing that in the UK people are more likely to be trampled to death by cows than eaten to death by tigers I decided not to chance a field full of dairy producing beasts on that occasion.


There’s three stones in this field but only one has markings on it. Whilst there the sun was going down directly behind that stone, if you’re a bit of a mystical hippy then this was probably the time to be here.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 21.41.06

Apparently standing stones in the UK date from around 3000 BC. Now I know everyone that sees these things does it but you can’t help but place your hand on it knowing that five thousand years ago someone else had their paws all over this carving these shapes.

The old Bronica ETRSi was given an airing today so there’ll be film shots coming soon you lucky followers!
Tomorrow I’m back to the daily grind.


The Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein or the Mordern Prometheus is 200 years old this year and before scandalously running off with the married Percy Shelley the young Mary lived in Dundee for a bit.
The cottage is no longer there, replaced by a handy set of steps which some people refer to as the Frankenstein Steps. A small plaque is on the wall to commemorate that the cottage is mentioned in the book.
Seeing as it’s a big birthday for the book and that the chances are I won’t be around for the three hundredth celebrations I thought I’d do a little knock up of the steps with its famous 1931 film.

Dundee Or The Modern Prometheus

Above Dr Frankenstein and his assistant rob the grave of a recently buried chap. In the book there is no assistant but the films tend to have loyal Igor at hand. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been in this graveyard. I was hoping some of the dates would go back to the time Mary would have lived in Dundee but the earliest I could spot was 1839.

Frankenstein Stairs, Dundee

The monster at the top of the steps, rays of sun though the clouds and the Tay road bridge powering over the river. When the book was released the rail bridge was still 60 years in the future and only lasted a year before falling in a furious storm.

Dr Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein sits at the bottom of the steps contemplating what he has done and the consequences that it has brought.

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Colin Clive who played the part of Dr Frankenstein had his own demons. He was a chronic alcoholic and dead by the young age of 37. His manic scream “It’s alive! It’s alive!” lives on.

This Sporting Life


Nipped down to see the famous Stobswell Rugby Football Club today and take a shot at shooting a bit of rugger.


I don’t know too much about this game but thought I’d see if I can get some decent shots. I was hoping for a bit of rain and mud and shoot the whole match as black and whites but it stayed dry whilst I was there.





Above is my shot of the day a nice bit of movement and nice blurring.


Not sure what the score was as I don’t actually know how you score rugby. I do know that the opponents did get at the very least three tries and once the temperature dropped I was off. These foreign bugs are tough too shake off!

Next Stop Africa


Last week I’m in Spain for our final holiday of the year. I was struck down with a little bout of food poisoning so getting out and about wasn’t ideal.
The above shot from the beach front from Fuengirola to Torreblanca across that sea somewhere is Africa, nice weathered boards made me think it would make a decent black and white image.


A stack of chairs above makes for a decent wee black and white too. This one was in Malaga where they were getting ready for the beatification of Padre Arnaíz who had once performed a miracle. A crowd of ten thousand was expected for the event.