No Fly Posters


Five years ago I posted a couple of shots of old painted signage outside tenements in Dundee city centre. LINK

Passing the same doorway yesterday I noticed that someone has made off with an old brass address plate revealing this poster underneath.
I’ve done a wee bit of research through the old Dundee directories and it appears that Mr Smith was at these premises from 1926 until 1939 when he moved to Victoria Road. He started out as a joiner and appears to have moved into property letting as the years went on.

This wee simple poster is not far away from 80 years old which I’m sure makes it the oldest one on show in the city of Discovery.


Big Cat Diary in Spain


Imagine getting paid to photograph these fantastic cats. Like the rest of us mere mortals I don’t get paid to photograph them but I did get to see them everyday for the past week and could have sat and watched them all day.


The lion King of Beasts always looks regal when he decides to sit up and cast his eye over his land. Sadly this chap doesn’t have much land to look over however I suppose he doesn’t have to worry about predators with rifles hunting him down.


I pretty much had him to myself whenever I went to see him. Most days he would simply be sleeping in the hot sun as cats do.
I decided to sit with him and see if he’d pop his head up to see if I could get the money shot, face straight on with eyes locked on me.
Once he decided it was time to poke his head out from the grass his gaze followed me wherever I walked, too hot for him to walk out for a close up shop though.
Below is the money shot, my crack at the greatest photograph of a lion ever!


A photograph I’m pretty happy with. Originally I wasn’t going to take a camera on this trip as it was going to be relaxing by the pool for a week. Thankfully I did or there would be no close up shots of these beautiful cats without my trusty old zoom lens.

The Falls Of Reekie Linn


The weekend past had fairly reasonable weather. We might be heading out of our recent ice age conditions and getting some heat soon, just before winter comes around again!

We’re at the Reekie Linn waterfalls they get their name from the Victorians. . . well the first part anyway. In Scotland Reekie means smoke and the spray coming off the water can have a smoke like appearance. Linn is Gaelic for dark pool or deep pool. So there you have it a smokey dark pool that apparently once conjured up the Devil himself.

The above image is one of the stumps on our walk out by the falls, looks like a Gothamesque skyline. Well it does to me anyway.


All that way and the above shot is my favourite of the day. A dead tree clings on to the side of a cliff with new creeping ivy slowly making its way up the trunk.

I don’t think my shots do the waterfall justice so here’s a wee video I snapped clinging on to the final boulder. Next stop the bottom!

It’s actually two falls but when it’s in full spate it creates a more stunning violent single torrent.
There’s a cave at the bottom of the falls called Black Dub. Legend has it that a murderous outlaw hid in the cave and as luck would have it the Devil popped up in the form of a large black dog and the spooked chap handed himself over to the authorities the following day. Could have been worse, he could have become chums with the dog and went all Summer of Sam on the local region.
The greatest trick the Devil ever produced was turning himself into a dog!

The Hands Of A Conjurer


A few shots I’ve taken recently for the chaps at Designer Events
Scotland’s very own DJ/Cocktail mixer extraordinaire. They do one, they do the other or they do both at the same time!


The hands of a conjurer or a card shark!



Not posted much this year so far. I do have a roll of film sitting in a camera that’s a couple of shots away from being finished. Been in there so long I’ve forgotten when I started it, once finished I’ll develop and show the results.

Minimalistic Snow


We’ve been battling off a little cold snap in Scotland the past week. I’ve had a wee walk across our local golf course for some photographs in the pristine snow.


A good amount of shots fired, apart from a couple of gigs this has been the most I’ve shot in a long time. Amazing what a change of scenery can do.


I do like a black and white and it doesn’t get much whiter than snow.



Bubble Woodland


Not posted for a wee while coz I’ve been busy. Here’s some bubbles in the snow, I was hoping they’d freeze but I think my mixture was little too thick.









Hope you like. I did actually do a little photography engagement the weekend past. The first time I’ve fired that many shots in a long time. Mojo back? Maybe.