Don’t Open Dead Inside

Return to the asylum, probably the last time I’ll venture in here. This is the the older maybe the oldest part of the hospital. The entrance from the inside. Down towards the main door turn right and the stairs that ascend to heaven. Obviously I had the shakes when I fired the one below off. Things that go bump in the night are not usually … Continue reading Don’t Open Dead Inside

Voices in my head

Taken an age to get this through PS without getting the dreaded PS Not Responding, aaaaaaagh! This is the old part of the asylum/hospital I’ve been doing a bit of exploration in and around, more photos in the previous two posts. In the first post I referenced the little known film Session 9 about a squad of asbestos removers working in Danvers State Mental Hospital. … Continue reading Voices in my head

The Asylum (Baldovan Institute)

Urban exploration today. After looking at some abandoned US buildings I decide to make the effort to gain access to this gem not far from my house. The Baldovan Institute/Strathmartine Hospital here’s some history on the buildings. Baldovan Institution was founded in 1852, mainly through the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy and from voluntary contributions and fees. It was established on the … Continue reading The Asylum (Baldovan Institute)

Urbex: House of Gray

A Sunday afternoon/evening stroll turned into a little urban exploration, this time in an abandoned in 300 year old mansion. Constructed between 1714 and 1716 as a little country retreat for Lord Gray, the peerage is one of the oldest in Scotland Alexander Gray was created the 1st Lord Gray around 1440. There has been a few attempts to restore the property but so far … Continue reading Urbex: House of Gray