Feather Droplets


Taking a Sunday stroll with the camera to Dronley Woods.
A cold day but nicely sheltered in the denser parts to keep the worst of the chill out. Spotted a couple of red squirrels but even with my zoom lens struggled to get close enough for a decent shot.
My shot of the day is this feather holding on to some water droplets. Flipped my 50mm lens and handheld it against the body for this macro effort.

Shots from a wanderer


Just starting out on my wee ten miler on Wednesday past I spot a slightly frosted leaf. I like frost and I like a single leaf, they remind me of New Order’s True Faith single cover.

Tales From The Black Forest

I always hope I can make one of these woodland trails look spooky and otherworldly. Think I’m still falling short, perhaps a mist shrouded day would be better.


Finally a forgotten driveway soon to be engulfed by the creeping foliage and hidden for good.

Time Team Walk


Well today is the last day of my Christmas holidays and despite telling myself at the start I’d do something everyday I did nothing daily. Made up for it today with a ten mile walk through the country highways and byways of Angus. I didn’t intend on going so far but I did and whilst heading homewards I passed a little stone circle site. The last time I was here the field was full of cows and knowing that in the UK people are more likely to be trampled to death by cows than eaten to death by tigers I decided not to chance a field full of dairy producing beasts on that occasion.


There’s three stones in this field but only one has markings on it. Whilst there the sun was going down directly behind that stone, if you’re a bit of a mystical hippy then this was probably the time to be here.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 21.41.06

Apparently standing stones in the UK date from around 3000 BC. Now I know everyone that sees these things does it but you can’t help but place your hand on it knowing that five thousand years ago someone else had their paws all over this carving these shapes.

The old Bronica ETRSi was given an airing today so there’ll be film shots coming soon you lucky followers!
Tomorrow I’m back to the daily grind.


Weekend Walks

Clatto Reservoir

A couple of shots from the weekend past, above sunset over the local reservoir. Every single night last week around about the time I’m trudging home from work there were cracking sunsets. Thankfully Saturday pulled a decent one out too so nipped out to quickly grab a few shots.


Feathers cannot beat them! From Sunday’s seven mile walk around the Angus countryside and woodland. Below an old farm building window on our way to the mansion house in yesterday’s post.

Last Reflections

Long Loch

Long Loch

Back pack filled with cameras and off for Sunday cycle to Long Loch. You could sit here the whole day and not see a single person I should have left early this morning and spent the day up there.
The estate where the loch sits is up for grabs just now and could be yours for just short of three million. You can see what that gets you in this LINK.


Above the classic mushroom design made famous by Mario and friends and maybe the Smurfs can lay claim to them too. Below wee feathers has met his match at the hands of something bigger and with sharper teeth. I only saw a single deer, swans and maybe geese but not 100% on them with me not being an expert in water bird things. Safe to say there is something else prowling the lochside woods.




Finishing up with a couple from the boatshed close up high structure wood, you can’t beat it!

Long Loch




Went for a wee walk today seeing as I am on holiday this one turned out to be a round trip of about 16 miles taking in the superb Long Loch. You could probably sit here for the whole day and not see a single person, the wee boathouses look like they’d be a great place to spend a couple of nights with the little old stove burner keeping you warm.

Doing the research for this place it turns out that the estate this is on is up for grabs at just under 3 million quid! Get you a boat house though.