Big Cat Diary in Spain


Imagine getting paid to photograph these fantastic cats. Like the rest of us mere mortals I don’t get paid to photograph them but I did get to see them everyday for the past week and could have sat and watched them all day.


The lion King of Beasts always looks regal when he decides to sit up and cast his eye over his land. Sadly this chap doesn’t have much land to look over however I suppose he doesn’t have to worry about predators with rifles hunting him down.


I pretty much had him to myself whenever I went to see him. Most days he would simply be sleeping in the hot sun as cats do.
I decided to sit with him and see if he’d pop his head up to see if I could get the money shot, face straight on with eyes locked on me.
Once he decided it was time to poke his head out from the grass his gaze followed me wherever I walked, too hot for him to walk out for a close up shop though.
Below is the money shot, my crack at the greatest photograph of a lion ever!


A photograph I’m pretty happy with. Originally I wasn’t going to take a camera on this trip as it was going to be relaxing by the pool for a week. Thankfully I did or there would be no close up shots of these beautiful cats without my trusty old zoom lens.


Gucci my cat

Not been out with the cameras for a wee while so here’s one I grabbed of our cat Gucci at the weekend, probably the best photo I’ve got of any of our cats.

This fellow we rescued from the Cats Protection he came with the name and a blanket. He’s a bit of a softy and nowhere near the levels of murder that his predecessor Maverick was capable of. Guch considers a leaf to be a decent present to leave on the front step which I suppose is a lot nicer than a broken necked pigeon!

The Stalking Tiger


Fuengirola Bioparc and the tiger enclosure. This photo looked pretty good on the back of the camera, unfortunately the full screen version was a bit dull and colourless through the glass of the enclosure. I’ve gave it a wee tweak and a run through the old Nik Collection to try and bring the colours out a bit more.

Would have been good to see it running straight at the glass but it clearly wasn’t in the mood for performance on that day.
Oh and a monkey too.

gorilla monkey biopark fuengirola.jpg