No Fly Posters


Five years ago I posted a couple of shots of old painted signage outside tenements in Dundee city centre. LINK

Passing the same doorway yesterday I noticed that someone has made off with an old brass address plate revealing this poster underneath.
I’ve done a wee bit of research through the old Dundee directories and it appears that Mr Smith was at these premises from 1926 until 1939 when he moved to Victoria Road. He started out as a joiner and appears to have moved into property letting as the years went on.

This wee simple poster is not far away from 80 years old which I’m sure makes it the oldest one on show in the city of Discovery.

A Day At The Museum

Had myself a little day off today so went for a wee walk around the McManus Galleries in Dundee for the first time in a long time.
The main reason for going was to take a couple of shots of some of the painting and give them a little tweak.

It’s taken ages to get these to embed and when I find out how to do it, it turns out to be the simplest way. The only problem is the videos stop at the end which is where they’re obviously supposed to but for these they work better if you right click on the video and select loop.

Say Aaaa

Calligraphy Attempts

Signed my name the other day. I think I did anyway, I might have invented a new letter or two in the process. What a f***ing mess it was, although it could have been the plastic screen you have to sign for parcels these days.
I’ve set myself the challenge of mastering the art of copperplate calligraphy, shouldn’t be too hard I’ve had the set for around fourteen years!

My first efforts, the letter A has been well received on Facebook and is probably my most liked photograph on the great social networking site. Shows how much they know.

Caravaggio Postbox

Valletta Postbox

David and Goliath

Valletta Postbox


Valletta Postbox


The streets of Valletta again this time with a twist of Caravaggio and the street artist C215

C215 or Christian GuĂ©my is a French artist kinda like the UK’s Banksy. He recently traveled to Malta for a holiday and to check out the 17th-century religious architecture, he’s reading for a a Masters in historical architecture. He likes a bit of Caravaggio and has followed his path through some of Europe’s cities Milan, Naples, Palermo and recently Malta.

I had never heard of C215 until this trip. When I was photographing the David and Goliath post box a couple standing close by asked us why we were taken photographs of it and then explained that it was a famous French artist that had come to Malta to do them. Some people in Valletta weren’t too happy about their postboxes being defaced with a modern take on these Caravaggio works and were calling for them to be removed.
Turns out the couple that were giving us the information work for the Malta Arts Council and they were trying to get a group together to ensure that these works of art remain on show in the city. Like Banksy if these are done on something that can be removed then they are gone! They are worth that much money.

C215’s work is in cities all over the world he’s been doing solo shows since 2008 you’d probably feel pretty special if he decided to come to your city and donate a bit of his artwork for free, in Valletta’s case several pieces of artwork.

Had we been staying in Valletta I would have made the effort to find all the works, we only managed to photograph three although researching this post I’ve found out we saw another one that was on an electricity type box.
Two days later we were back in Valletta and the postboxes had been returned to their original all red covering.

The Panda Waits


Read using David Attenborough’s voice
“Here we see the giant panda has become weary of bamboo shoots, it now turns it attention to human prey. An infinitely more abundant food source.”
Good old David with his calm almost whisper like voice describing the events of the animal kingdom since time began on the old BBC.
No pandas were harmed in the shooting of this photograph.