Next Stop Africa


Last week I’m in Spain for our final holiday of the year. I was struck down with a little bout of food poisoning so getting out and about wasn’t ideal.
The above shot from the beach front from Fuengirola to Torreblanca across that sea somewhere is Africa, nice weathered boards made me think it would make a decent black and white image.


A stack of chairs above makes for a decent wee black and white too. This one was in Malaga where they were getting ready for the beatification of Padre Arnaíz who had once performed a miracle. A crowd of ten thousand was expected for the event.

Shifting Sands



Getting some beach walking practice today never know when I’ll need to do it in warmer temperatures.
First shot is my favoured of the two but then I thought it might look not too bad in black and white so that might now be the favoured one.


A little edit on this post coz I’ve just played around with this one and decided it’s not as bad as I first thought. Was a bit concerned that it was not central enough but I think it looks pretty good off to the right.




Crail, Scotland apparently this is a good place for finding fossils although it’s a Site of Special Scientific Interest which makes it illegal to hammer away at the rocks or remove anything you may find from the site. In the not too distant future I plan to be on a beach where a winter jacket is not required.

Three shots together the middle part was too bright but think I’ve managed to get it looking not too bad thanks to the magic of lightroom.

Sunshine Beach


Nope not on the other side of the planet but in sunny Scotland, Crail to be exact. Apparently this is a pretty decent beach to find fossils from creatures that roamed the land back in the day, didn’t spot any of those but them I didn’t know about it until about five minutes ago.

Quite a nice wee beach and a right wee sun trap in the summer months. Sadly it’s not the summer months so put away the swimming gear and get the thermals back on.

Bring me my chariots of fire!

St Andrews Beach

The beach at St Andrews famous for being used in the opening scenes of Chariots of Fire. Once the runners are off the beach they run across the 1st and 18th holes of the Old Course towards the building doubling as the Carlton Hotel which now houses some rather fine looking flats.

My 400th post today, thanks for looking in.

Like horses on a beach

Horses on a beach

Trying out a wee Photoshop tutorial that was in this months Digital Photo. I rarely go into the “free” DVD that comes with these mags but this one has some nice sky templates for those photographs with boring skies so might use this one a bit.
I was hoping they’d give the horses a good run through the water for a spectacular action shot but they didn’t.