Books On Venice


First break of the year and a return to Italian land that is sometimes prone to a little acqua alta. That’s right we’re in sunnyish Venice for a week of walking all over the island like a pair of deranged pirates looking for their forgotten treasure.
We found plenty treasures one of which was this cracking little book store that is absolutely crammed with everything on any subject. There’s books in a gondola, books in bathtubs and at the back the famous book staircase.
UK health and safety would have the place shut down.

There’s a couple of cats that reside in the store too, even have their own little postcard collection.


If you’re nipping off to Venice any time soon the bookstore can be found at this LINK
Once you’ve been in there and if the time is right I suggest heading back towards Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
Take a left down Ruga Giuffa and stopping for some food at Trattoria Agli Artisti Pizzeria where we had an excellent seafood spaghetti.

The Oldest Of Magazines

Scots Magazine

The Scots Magazine is the oldest magazine in the world. Originally published in 1739 and 278 years later I manage to sneak a photograph onto it’s ancient pages. So as well as reporting on the defeat of the Jacobites and the Napoleonic wars it can now add myself to its illustrious reportage.

The magazine itself has a bit of everything these days travel, culture, history and including some of the best photography from some of the country’s best photographers! That’s what it says on Wiki anyway so I’ll go along with that.

Last Year In Print



Following on from a blog post a few weeks back about printing photographs, what I consider are some of my better shots from 2014 finally arrived today in book format.
The original plan was to put them in one big bumper book but the file was too big so I split them in two. I might need to try compressing the file next time see if I can squeeze more in.

The photo on 14.1 was taken in Malta, shot from the hip and not in focus but I think it’s quite a cool shot. A man lost in his phone conversation unaware he’s being followed.
14.2 my software winning Kelpie, probably my best shot of the year.

Chucked these up in the side bar about 15 dollars which is just short of a tenner. They should be on UK amazon within the next couple of days.

Strange Encounters



Being a fan of the sweet science and whilst looking for reprints of the Police Budget Famous Fights I stumbled across this book on amazon for the bargain price of two thousand five hundred pounds. After a little rummage around the net I got it for a much better price and it finally turned up at work today.
It’s basically a history of the fight game before the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Featuring such fighting greats as Tom Cribb, Thomas Molyneaux, Tom Sayers and accounts of some of the fights they would take part in.


There were no rounds in these days, well there was rounds but they would begin with the combatants stepping ‘up to scratch’ and ending with one of them on the ground. This would go on until one could continue no more.


Tom Sayers Wiki entry LINK



Tom Molineaux Wiki entry LINK


I think the book could be a first edition published circa 1946/47 and shows a different time when the writer can recall the time he was alarmed at the thought of a coloured man (Jack Johnson) claiming the heavyweight title.


This is the book front cover the sticker from Boots which opened its libraries round about 1898 the last one closing in 1966, quite like these old books the stories they tell on the inside and if they could talk they could tell some stories on the outside too.

In thunder, lightning, or in rain?


Had a walk out to the hills behind Dundee yesterday thought I was going to die on the way up. A can of coke has never tasted as good as the one I opened on top of that climb up Gallow Hill.
The Sidlaws start at Perth and go north east to Forfar some thirty miles, Dunsinane Hill is in the range and is notable for wee tale by the bard.

“Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane Hill Shall come against him.”