Zorki 4K Scans


Some scans from the Zorki always a bit of a worry to get a camera that’s not far from forty years old and see if it still works. Happy to say that it seems to work like a charm.


These are quick scans still have to give them a wee clean as you can see from the imperfections, I’ll do that at the darkroom stage.




The Fog


The fog is an illusion—
A master of disguise,
Which hides the tangible
Before our very eyes.

But when the fog has lifted
Everything’s still there,
And the tangible
Only seemed to’ve disappeared.

In the early morning
Or late at night,
The fog descends
Upon various sites.

It gives an air of mystery
That has long prevailed.
Dangerously intriguing
Is the fog’s foggy veil.

                                                                By Walterrean Salley

Some fog forming on the Tay, would have been good if it had been a bit thicker but it wasn’t to be.