Miserable Edinburgh

The Castle

Finally arrive to a sodden Edinburgh the kind of drizzle that penetrates to the bone. The whole sky is a dull grey with absolutely no sign of clearing or being able to leave any distinguishing background to the photographs.
I suppose if I had the DSLR I could have photoshopped an effort in but I didn’t it was Ilford FP4+ medium format in the Bronica to shoot.

Jacob’s Ladder

Favourite shot from the day is the above effort of the mights stairs leading from Regent Road all the way down to Calton Road. A mighty climb up the way but I was heading in the opposite direction.

The Watchtower

Actually before the steps I was in the old graveyard for a shot of the old watchtower. If there’s a chance of Burke and Hare sneaking in and stealing a fresh corpse then you need someone to keep an eye on the place. Apparently it was occupied until 1950 probably fine views towards the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Arthur’s Seat.

Boy, lion and sheep.

Above a nod to Isaiah 11:6 in the Cannongate Kirk? I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that, my memories of the Rev Powrie visiting primary school was the maths books being put away. Yipee!

Back To Dunnottar

Ghosts looking to Dunnottar Castle


A trip up north with mini BP yesterday to dry but freezing cold Stonehaven and the mighty Dunnottar Castle. We did hear a spooky sound which made the little one scream and run, it was like Most Haunted. More on spooky Dunnottar here LINK
Top one could do with a clean up, thought I’d got all the spots but a couple have sneaked through.

Dunnottar Castle

It stands alone on a haunted shore,
With curious words of deathless lore….. 

Marietta Holley The Haunted Castle 

I was watching Victor Frankenstein last night and though I recognised the castle where the Monster was being created, although it had a slightly different look to it. A scene shot from another angle had me convinced and a quick Google told me that the mighty Dunnottar Castle can add Frankenstein to it’s IMDB résumé alongside Hamlet.
Here’s a screen grab from the trailer in the eye of the storm.

Dunnottar CAstle

The little snippet of poetry fits well with this discovery.
Dundee’s Frankenstein connection can be seen here. LINK

Dunnottar Castle


The castle from yesterday’s trip sitting atop it’s weather and wave battered rock. The crown jewels of Scotland were once hidden in this castle and Hollywood royalty visited when part of Mel Gibson’s Hamlet was filmed there.
Some film was fired off but it’ll be another time before they’re developed.

I’ve noticed recently that my posts have not been showing up in the WP reader which is obviously not good as nobody then sees them. I think this may be caused by the adblocker I have running in Chrome and since disabling it on WP I now seem to be back in the reader, you lucky people.

Dunnottar Castle


There’s a bit of a Hermann grid illusion going on in the above photo or I’ve just got weird eyes.

House In The Trees


A wee run up the coast today to Stonehaven to see Dunnottar Castle on the rocks, surprised by how busy it was.
I was also surprised to see my surname in a memorial to the Covenanters, it’s rare to see it spelt the way we spell it.
The shot above is obviously not the castle but I thought a long exposure over the field could look pretty cool, the castle to follow.

Edinburgh Street Life


Left or right?
Up or down?


Green door? No strings attached…….




Coming up in the world

Texting Times

Texting times

Rose Street, Edinburgh HDR

Rose Street Races

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Some street shots from the weekend jaunt to the capital. The first one(the symmetrical stairs) I originally processed in colour but changed my mind tonight and decided to redo it in black and white. I think the street stuff looks better in monochrome although the chap in the yellow trousers does stand out in that shot. Then again Ted Grant once said “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” The girl at number 369 was also in yellow but we’re looking at her soul now, well framed I think but slightly out of focus…..damn!
As the good lady is working in Edinburgh just now I may venture back for another days shooting unfortunately the cost of boarding trains is a bit prohibitive especially when you may have to stand for the entire journey!

Just noticed the cost of a fish supper six quid!!!! You’d think fish were scarce at that price. For viewers not from Scotland a fish supper is fish and chips, anything from a fish and chip shop that comes with chips is called a supper. That’s a wee lesson for anyone coming to Edinburgh to research their ancestry. Enjoy!

Waverley Station

Waverley Station, Edinburgh

Waverley Station from the North Bridge if I remember correctly. Quite a big walk up and down the streets today such a big walk that I actually got lost but thanks to the wonders of modern technology I managed to get back on track with the old GPS pinpointing my every move for the eye in the sky. Last post for today I’m off to try a wee glass of Tamdhu and maybe a large glass of Guinness.