Haven’t been up here for a good few years so had a wee walk up on Sunday, not as impressive as I remember it being in the childhood years.
These were built in preparation of any German invasion of the east coast. If the RAF and the Navy were defeated it would be up to the home guard and any military that was left to defend the country using these kind of defences. Once that was overcome it would have been up to the civilians!

Think this is the last surviving reminder of Dundee’s WWII past sadly used for illegal drinking and whatever other refinements the kids of today like to indulge in.

Colour versus Black and White Tayside House.

Tayside House is one of the first buildings you see when you cross the bridge into Dundee. At this very moment it’s in the process of being dismantled piece by piece, due to the railway tunnel running under it they can’t just blow the concrete giant up so it has to comes down floor by floor.



Someone once said that Hampden Park in Glasgow was the only ground that looked the same in colour as it did in black and white. I think Dundee managed to achieve the same feat with Tayside House.