The Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein or the Mordern Prometheus is 200 years old this year and before scandalously running off with the married Percy Shelley the young Mary lived in Dundee for a bit.
The cottage is no longer there, replaced by a handy set of steps which some people refer to as the Frankenstein Steps. A small plaque is on the wall to commemorate that the cottage is mentioned in the book.
Seeing as it’s a big birthday for the book and that the chances are I won’t be around for the three hundredth celebrations I thought I’d do a little knock up of the steps with its famous 1931 film.

Dundee Or The Modern Prometheus

Above Dr Frankenstein and his assistant rob the grave of a recently buried chap. In the book there is no assistant but the films tend to have loyal Igor at hand. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been in this graveyard. I was hoping some of the dates would go back to the time Mary would have lived in Dundee but the earliest I could spot was 1839.

Frankenstein Stairs, Dundee

The monster at the top of the steps, rays of sun though the clouds and the Tay road bridge powering over the river. When the book was released the rail bridge was still 60 years in the future and only lasted a year before falling in a furious storm.

Dr Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein sits at the bottom of the steps contemplating what he has done and the consequences that it has brought.

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Colin Clive who played the part of Dr Frankenstein had his own demons. He was a chronic alcoholic and dead by the young age of 37. His manic scream “It’s alive! It’s alive!” lives on.


This Sporting Life


Nipped down to see the famous Stobswell Rugby Football Club today and take a shot at shooting a bit of rugger.


I don’t know too much about this game but thought I’d see if I can get some decent shots. I was hoping for a bit of rain and mud and shoot the whole match as black and whites but it stayed dry whilst I was there.





Above is my shot of the day a nice bit of movement and nice blurring.


Not sure what the score was as I don’t actually know how you score rugby. I do know that the opponents did get at the very least three tries and once the temperature dropped I was off. These foreign bugs are tough too shake off!

Pansies and Victoria


Today I’m back at Glenesk Park the Theatre of Dreams! Been a while, the good lady was working today so morning shop done and it’s off to the match I go.

In full flight and bearing down on goal!

Like I say it’s been a while since I’ve seen the Violet in action but they started the match well, I always find it tough to take in the game when I’m mainly watching it through a viewfinder.

Hurdled like Usain Bolt!

Is this the breakthrough? No!

Despite Dundee Violet having the vast majority of possession in the opening exchanges it’s Arbroath Vics that go one goal up. From where I was standing it looked like a goal from the tightest of angles.

That’s the opener!

From memory that’s Arbroath’s first shot on goal and it’s in the net to open the scoring. Going into this match Arbroath are joint bottom with Forfar Albion and Couper Angus only goals separating them. . . . . a lot of goals!



Above and below: Violet look for a goal


DSC_0099.jpgMidfield action

Vics’ defence holds strong


Beautifully chipped

A fine chip over the goalkeeper but over the bar too! Doesn’t matter the ref says offside and it wouldn’t have counted anyway.

And that’s the second!

Unbelievably Arbroath Vics go two goals up, from my position it looks like the keeper has spilled the ball and gifted the second. So far this season the Vics have only scored 2 goals and now they’ve doubled that tally.

Fighting for every ball

A header towards goal is cleared off the line. For a team that’s shipped 26 goals going into today’s match they’re holding firm against Violet.

Second half starts

Box of tricks?

Violet have had the half time team talk which probably wasn’t pretty. Someone once said to me “They’ll come out like kids on a load of fruit shoots!” but it looks like nothing is coming off for Violet today and really the Vics’ keeper hasn’t had anything difficult to deal with.

Playing the captain’s part

Keeper’s beaten!

An acrobatic overhead kick which I failed to capture ends in the net but the referee has blown for offside and Arbroath hold on.

Surely this time!

A little dink over the keeper but again Arbroath have a man on the line to mop up and clear the danger.

Touched by the hand of God!

The ball’s in the net but it’s with a hand and if I remember correctly the ref had already blown the whistle.

Shot from the big defender. . . . .

Every time I saw this player through the viewfinder I just thought Ronald Koeman! Not sure if he actually looks like him but he did through my wee Nikon. They did have a Messi in the past so I fully expect a Koeman on the next team sheet!
Back to the action and his shot cannons of the side of the post followed by a roaring expletive. Nothing is going Violet’s way in this game.
Well nothing until below with eight minutes to go Dundee Violet get a lifeline and a penalty os expertly dispatched and leads to a little goalmouth stramash afterwards.

That’s one back!

It’s there!

The Arbroath defence is broken with what was virtually the last kick of the game to make it 2-2. Arbroath will go home feeling deflated although hearing some supporters saying had they been offered a draw before the game they’d have taken your arm off. Violet plugged away but didn’t look too dangerous up front although it’s early doors yet and only six points between first and eighth.
Arbroath will be disappointed but are finally off the mark with their first point of the season.

Been a while since I posted. I used to take hundreds of shots and be able to have a post for every day. Now I go out and take five and don’t like any. Happy to have sneaked the New Order song in this match report though.

No Fly Posters


Five years ago I posted a couple of shots of old painted signage outside tenements in Dundee city centre. LINK

Passing the same doorway yesterday I noticed that someone has made off with an old brass address plate revealing this poster underneath.
I’ve done a wee bit of research through the old Dundee directories and it appears that Mr Smith was at these premises from 1926 until 1939 when he moved to Victoria Road. He started out as a joiner and appears to have moved into property letting as the years went on.

This wee simple poster is not far away from 80 years old which I’m sure makes it the oldest one on show in the city of Discovery.

Minimalistic Snow


We’ve been battling off a little cold snap in Scotland the past week. I’ve had a wee walk across our local golf course for some photographs in the pristine snow.


A good amount of shots fired, apart from a couple of gigs this has been the most I’ve shot in a long time. Amazing what a change of scenery can do.


I do like a black and white and it doesn’t get much whiter than snow.



Converted Infrared


First post in over a month, my mojo has gone!
Recently I purchased a little point and shoot Canon that’s been converted to infrared. I didn’t get much information on the conversion, it does do a nice black and white though.


Liking the photograph of the trees, looks almost impregnable. A winter jungle for the crazy brave to venture.


I considered taking out the infrared filters and slapping them on the DSLR but I’m a lazy photographer and the thought of dragging my tripod around changed my mind. I’m keeping my eyes open for a reasonably priced Nikon body that’s been converted. The Canon is nice but being a point and shoot it has no RAW and I do like to play around with a digital file.