Is There Anybody Out There?


Tried a little astrophotography on Sunday past with my almost ten year old Nikon. A bit noisy but pretty happy with them for a first attempt.


Something I’ve wanted to try for years but lacked the dedication. A clear night was predicted so fired up the 125 and zipped off into the darkness for an attempt at catching the Milky Way. Struggled to get the phone app to get going but we got there in the end, fired off a few shots and back on the old scoot for home. By the time I got back I had what polar explorers of the nineteenth century called “mild frostbite of the fingers” thankfully they thawed out after an hour or two.

The Cross


Looked a decent day today so packed up the tripod which is a bit of a rarity for me and set off on my adventures. Turns out it wasn’t as nice as I thought and the wind was absolutely baltic.
I cut short the planned journey and instead headed for a nearby graveyard firing off three or four shots with a wee filter on the old kit lens. This is my shot of the day fired for 60 seconds.

Out Of The Darkness


A 50mm lens on the body for this shot from Sunday past. I was out and about for a little walk and some fresh air before the return to the day job with three cameras in the bag. The trusty old DSLR , the Bronica ETRSi and my little converted to infrared camera all getting a little airing.
Above is my best shot of the day, I thought the barbed wire coming out of the darkness would look pretty cool. When I get that focus point right it really is a sweet little lens to have, it’s actually my favourite and the one that more or less lives on the body.

Below is an infrared landscape. Sadly this camera only shoots JPEG so I don’t get too much control over the editing, the IR does make a nice black and white which I think could be handy on an upcoming trip back to Europe. That’s if they let us Brits back in!

Infrared landscape

Skates On

If you should go skating
On the thin ice of modern life . . .

Seeing as we’ve had a dusting of snow I venture out like a 21st century Shackleton in search of epic adventure.
Well maybe not epic, a quick skirt around the local reservoir was enough for me. Three chaps had a walk around the frozen water and then one of them slipped on the old skates and shot around the ice which appeared to be thick enough for some winter sports.

Shots from a wanderer


Just starting out on my wee ten miler on Wednesday past I spot a slightly frosted leaf. I like frost and I like a single leaf, they remind me of New Order’s True Faith single cover.

Tales From The Black Forest

I always hope I can make one of these woodland trails look spooky and otherworldly. Think I’m still falling short, perhaps a mist shrouded day would be better.


Finally a forgotten driveway soon to be engulfed by the creeping foliage and hidden for good.