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Ghosts looking to Dunnottar Castle


A trip up north with mini BP yesterday to dry but freezing cold Stonehaven and the mighty Dunnottar Castle. We did hear a spooky sound which made the little one scream and run, it was like Most Haunted. More on spooky Dunnottar here LINK
Top one could do with a clean up, thought I’d got all the spots but a couple have sneaked through.

Dunnottar Castle

It stands alone on a haunted shore,
With curious words of deathless lore….. 

Marietta Holley The Haunted Castle 

I was watching Victor Frankenstein last night and though I recognised the castle where the Monster was being created, although it had a slightly different look to it. A scene shot from another angle had me convinced and a quick Google told me that the mighty Dunnottar Castle can add Frankenstein to it’s IMDB résumé alongside Hamlet.
Here’s a screen grab from the trailer in the eye of the storm.

Dunnottar CAstle

The little snippet of poetry fits well with this discovery.
Dundee’s Frankenstein connection can be seen here. LINK

Dunnottar Castle


The castle from yesterday’s trip sitting atop it’s weather and wave battered rock. The crown jewels of Scotland were once hidden in this castle and Hollywood royalty visited when part of Mel Gibson’s Hamlet was filmed there.
Some film was fired off but it’ll be another time before they’re developed.

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Dunnottar Castle


There’s a bit of a Hermann grid illusion going on in the above photo or I’ve just got weird eyes.