Mortuary Chapel

Mortuary Chapel, Arbroath

The mortuary chapel in Arbroath’s Western Cemetery taken with an infrared filter. You can’t get inside this building but if you give it a Google there are some interior shots.
Built in 1875 or rather they started building it then it was nine years before it was completed. It was passed over to Arbroath Town COuncil for funeral services of all denominations but is no longer in use.




Panoramic Reservoir

Clatto Panorama 1

Clatto Panorama 2

Nipped out for some fresh air and a fire off a few shots at the old reservoir the kind of place that should have little boats for families to sail around on, maybe a wee bit for kids to splash around in. That’s what it could have, unfortunately your legs will probably rot off if you venture in!
Someone was actually fishing in it today I can only imagine what kind of mutant fish you’re likely to pull from those murky waters.

Had the ND filter on trying to grab some movement in the clouds and glass out the water, three or four shots in each photo one minute exposure times too.







Tay Rail Bridge


Playing around with my welding glass filter again. The picture above has the ghost of a train sneaking round from the right.
The bridge allegedly has a ghost train that crosses on the anniversary of the Tay Rail disaster. In the middle of the above picture you can see the original remains of the pillars of the previous bridge.