Time Team Walk


Well today is the last day of my Christmas holidays and despite telling myself at the start I’d do something everyday I did nothing daily. Made up for it today with a ten mile walk through the country highways and byways of Angus. I didn’t intend on going so far but I did and whilst heading homewards I passed a little stone circle site. The last time I was here the field was full of cows and knowing that in the UK people are more likely to be trampled to death by cows than eaten to death by tigers I decided not to chance a field full of dairy producing beasts on that occasion.


There’s three stones in this field but only one has markings on it. Whilst there the sun was going down directly behind that stone, if you’re a bit of a mystical hippy then this was probably the time to be here.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 21.41.06

Apparently standing stones in the UK date from around 3000 BC. Now I know everyone that sees these things does it but you can’t help but place your hand on it knowing that five thousand years ago someone else had their paws all over this carving these shapes.

The old Bronica ETRSi was given an airing today so there’ll be film shots coming soon you lucky followers!
Tomorrow I’m back to the daily grind.


Red Box Of Memories

scan 3-12-2015 19h6m33s.jpg

Going through my old shoebox of photos and other assorted bits of rubbish I gather over the years and decided to give these a scan.

These were taken in the Glen Doll which is around about HERE.

Below looks like a bit of a dangerous climb so that’s what a pair of nuts decided to do. We survived and made our way to a bothy hidden under a massive boulder.

scan 3-12-2015 19h4m33s.jpg

Back in these pre digital days I used to video our hill climbing adventures on a HI-8 camcorder sadly the DVD conversion does not play but if I can ever extract the files I might do a wee blog post featuring them.

The last shot is of a frozen waterfall in the area. I’ll need to see the wee bro about the exact location.
It’s been years since I tackled this kind of terrain maybe one day I’ll be back you never know.

scan 3-12-2015 19h6m33s_3.jpg

These were all shot with a Minolta 35mm camera.

Dundee film noir








Gritty, grainy film noir photography. Reading about Giacomo Brunelli in this weeks Amateur Photographer and decided to go through the old Lightroom back catalogue and try giving some images a noir look.
Some of the photographs I’ve posted before in the past in colour. The last one of the tree is new, when I had originally taken the photo and checked out the RAW file in LR I wasn’t happy with anything I tried to do with it but I think the recently acquired Silver Efex noir filter has given it a nice darkened feel to it.