The Loneliest Glen


Another dry day so fired up the little scooter for the biggest test yet a 150 mile round trip into the remote highlands. The original plan to snap some shots around Loch Tay but ended up going the opposite side of Ben Lawers which looks down on the loch.


It was getting to the stage where I was getting closer to the west coast than the east coast of Scotland so I ditched the Milano in a little parking area at Bridge of Balgie and had a little stomp around on foot.
This fine fellow of a horse came down to say hello and give himself a good scratch in a fencepost. As soon as I snapped him I knew it was going to be a black and white edit. It’s came out pretty good.

Should say that Glen Lyon where these were taken is actually the longest enclosed glen in Scotland stretching out at 34 miles. Sir Walter Scott described as “…longest, loneliest and loveliest glen in Scotland.”
Some excellent scenery, I should really mount the GoPro on the scoot for some video footage of the Scottish hills and mountains rising up on either side.

Back To The Pulpit


Here’s a couple more images to go with the previous post. The above Celtic cross I wouldn’t have spotted had another visitor not pointed it out, a decent sized carving at least 8 foot in height maybe more. I’m going from memory so it might be more or it might be less.


The mystical well a perfect circle carved by who knows?


The den floor the rock facing us has the well on top, the stairs in the last post are to the left just behind the criss crossing trees. I think in winter time it might be a more impressive bit of water flowing past.


The top down view of the ancient steps. Makes you think who has walked them before you and touched the walls with blood stained hands after a sacrifice . . . maybe.

Pocket Rocket Adventures


Today I ventured north to the edges of the Cairngorms National Park for the first time in more than a decade. Glen Doll sits not too far from Kirriemuir birthplace of the Lost Boys. . . from Peter Pan that is, not the vampires on motorcycles stalking Santa Carla.
A couple of Munros lie in wait for anyone wishing a little Munro bagging. I did them years ago so no need to do them again haha!
The above shot was taken coming back out of the Glen, looks amazing doesn’t it? You can picture a drifter from a higher plain trotting out from the woods.


A view of the mighty Driesh. Waking up to a warm Italian sunshine everyday would be a dream but after a while I think I’d start to long for some Scottish scenery.
Imagine looking out your window to see this every morning. Green and vibrant in summer but a dark foreboding and unforgiving place in the winter months.

Lexnoto Milano 125

Above the mighty pocket rocket the Lexmoto Milano 125CC, taken on another adventure not as epic as today’s but always good to have a little blast through the country on it. It’s as close to Italy as I can get . . . for now.

Out Of The Darkness


A 50mm lens on the body for this shot from Sunday past. I was out and about for a little walk and some fresh air before the return to the day job with three cameras in the bag. The trusty old DSLR , the Bronica ETRSi and my little converted to infrared camera all getting a little airing.
Above is my best shot of the day, I thought the barbed wire coming out of the darkness would look pretty cool. When I get that focus point right it really is a sweet little lens to have, it’s actually my favourite and the one that more or less lives on the body.

Below is an infrared landscape. Sadly this camera only shoots JPEG so I don’t get too much control over the editing, the IR does make a nice black and white which I think could be handy on an upcoming trip back to Europe. That’s if they let us Brits back in!

Infrared landscape

Shots from a wanderer


Just starting out on my wee ten miler on Wednesday past I spot a slightly frosted leaf. I like frost and I like a single leaf, they remind me of New Order’s True Faith single cover.

Tales From The Black Forest

I always hope I can make one of these woodland trails look spooky and otherworldly. Think I’m still falling short, perhaps a mist shrouded day would be better.


Finally a forgotten driveway soon to be engulfed by the creeping foliage and hidden for good.