Everybody Wants To Pass As Cats


A couple of shots from the Fuengirola Bioparc of its resident leopard. When this pussy cat came towards the glass you could feel it looking right at you.


Bit of a scorcher when we were there, most of the animal were seeking a bit of shade to chill out in.

Sleepy cat

Leopard facts: They move fast around 36 miles per hour, they can leap over 20 foot and they can jump 10 foot. If it’s after you the chances are it’s gonna get you.

One of the good things about the Costa Del Sol that you can jump on the train anywhere from Malaga down to Fuengirola for less than a tenner. Fuengirola is the last stop and when you come out the station keep walking forward and you’ll come to the finest little zoological experience you can get.

The cat and friends


“Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?”

Quite like this photograph of this fine looking leopard. Probably about a foot away from me although we were separated by a fairly sturdy piece of glass.

Pressed publish instead of preview so might add to this one later.


Quite possibly one of the finest zoos you can visit, if you’re ever in the Fuengirola area check out the Bio Park and take a walk around the lemurs.


The animals are winding me up









clyde monkey

Going through the old files and having a play around with some shots from our trip to Fuengirola at the start of this year. The Biopark is without a doubt the finest zoo I’ve ever been in.
More to follow in this post as I edit and upload.

Photograph below is by wee mini Blogger Photography Kai my number one daughter.
This little lemur was mesmerized by it’s reflection in her sunglasses and stood staring into her eyes for what seemed like ages. It would have made a cracking photo of the both of them looking at each other but unfortunately I was too slow and it leaped over her head and off to join his buddies.