Long Loch

Long Loch

Back pack filled with cameras and off for Sunday cycle to Long Loch. You could sit here the whole day and not see a single person I should have left early this morning and spent the day up there.
The estate where the loch sits is up for grabs just now and could be yours for just short of three million. You can see what that gets you in this LINK.


Above the classic mushroom design made famous by Mario and friends and maybe the Smurfs can lay claim to them too. Below wee feathers has met his match at the hands of something bigger and with sharper teeth. I only saw a single deer, swans and maybe geese but not 100% on them with me not being an expert in water bird things. Safe to say there is something else prowling the lochside woods.




Finishing up with a couple from the boatshed close up high structure wood, you can’t beat it!

Long Loch




Went for a wee walk today seeing as I am on holiday this one turned out to be a round trip of about 16 miles taking in the superb Long Loch. You could probably sit here for the whole day and not see a single person, the wee boathouses look like they’d be a great place to spend a couple of nights with the little old stove burner keeping you warm.

Doing the research for this place it turns out that the estate this is on is up for grabs at just under 3 million quid! Get you a boat house though.

Spinky Den


Raided Amazon for a new ND filter on Friday and it arrived yesterday! Super quick delivery which I decided against paying for so I was pretty happy to get it through the door next day.
First outing for the new filter was to the bridge at Den of Fowlis aka Spinky Den. It was painted by famous Dundee artist James McIntosh Patrick back in 1957, these days you can hardly see the water through the trees and bushes. Might need to make a return trip later in the year when the water is moving a bit quicker.









Firing up the new wool!


Fire in the trees


My favourite


A mysterious glow in the sky


Stab at writing in the dark



The rain buggered off and we went out for a bit of wool spinning with mini BP. Good fun was had just need to master these big orbs that can be done.
Second one down is the favourite from tonight’s play around nice cloud in the sky.