Seat Of Thorns

Seat of thorns

Had a little walk last week to burn of some calories from the five course meal we had the evening before. Spent a couple of hours firing off film shots but did sneak out the odd digital now and then too.
Behind this grassy slope is a reservoir behind the camera is a small wooded area, nice to sit here on a sunny day and contemplate life. Thorns, nettles and thistles bursting through the bench make any kind of seating difficult.

Street Surfers


The past few weeks has seen Jason Lee’s photography getting a few mentions in the Facebook camera pages. Turns out that he’s not just an actor and photographer but was also a pro skateboarder back in the olden days.

Decided to head off to Dundee’s outdoor skatepark and get some action shots. I guess 1pm is probably a bit early on a Sunday afternoon for skateboarders because nobody was around.
Did get a nice panoramic of the park and a couple of others showing some of the artwork. Best clicking on the panoramic for the larger version.

DSC_0009 Panorama_HDR


More on the skate park at Dundee Concrete

Mirror To The Otherside


A mirror peeks around the corner of the stairs, a silent eye watching you as you go up or down. Every sound is magnified against the concrete pillars and posts and bounces off the empty cars waiting for owners to return.
The forty odd year smell of drunken toilet stops and disinfectant fills the nostrils, turn the corner and more stairs down and repeat and repeat and repeat and out.
Fresh air, the concrete monolith behind you, the scrapes and scratches disappear from your ears, you can go about your daily business.
Eventually you have to go back to get the car and now it’s dark and now your car is the only one left in the concrete tomb and now the sounds return. You have to tell yourself “It’s ok! They moved all the graves and coffins when the built the car park” Did they really? What if it was just he headstones? They didn’t move the one below.


The sounds you hear could just be birds or rats scraping around the place their sounds amplified and ghostly or maybe it’s something or someone else!


These shots are from Bell Street car park in Dundee which sits on top of what was formerly a burial ground. It was in use between 1836 and 1882 just short of fifty years to fill it up and less than a hundred years later to dig it up.
Apparently when the workers moved in to start construction the neighbouring streets were filled with rats that had been disturbed by the builders.
Only a couple of headstones remain in the wall behind the car park to remind people what was there before. Something to think about if you’re ever walking back to your car on a dark winter night.
Across the road is where the new born baby Blogger slept soundly through the nights in his little crib. Blue plaque anyone?

A shot inside the car park LINK
And here LINK

Woody Woodpecker Enter The Dragon


The dreaded holiday theme park disguised as a place to meet Woody and friends, friend number one Furius Baco!


The crowds didn’t look too busy for this one so off we went to enjoy this sedate ride around the park. Once you get to the top you find that it is busy, very busy. It’s actually around a two hour wait and once we’re in touching distance of the ride it breaks down. Not what you want when you’re close to boarding.
Whatever the problem is they manage to “fix” it by sending the ride out empty and then it’s our turn. Strapped in a little video screen to warm things up and wait for the countdown… countdown. Bang! We’re off at around 84mph in 3.5 seconds the pressure going from zero to that speed in that time is pretty intense thankfully after 55 seconds the ride is over! Yup 2 hours for less than a minute.
You can ride it below.

Impressive isn’t it?


Next up it’s Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe. Until Baco I hadn’t been on any kind of ride since the great Downfield Summer Fair disaster when I was 11 so the tallest and fastest was a big step up in class.


That happy fellow punching the air because he’s so excited to be climbing 256 feet and then fall the same distance is me.
Tick-tick-tick-tick…The start of the ride is the easy part once you’re over the lip that’s when you start swearing, a lot! Right at the bottom of the drop there’s a tunnel which you’re obviously gonna go through but you’re thinking “We’re not making this!”

Woody Woodpecker Enter The Dragon BLOGGER PHOTOGRAPHY


But you do make it and after a few twist, turns and bumps it’s over and we can look at the photographs that we’re not going to purchase and off to the next one. Well not a next one for me the Shambhala had worked its magic because my queso y jamón toastie had definitely shifted in my stomach and was certainly not up for anything else after that which was disappointing.

So far so good… so far so good… so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land!
Hubert, La Haine.

The cat and friends


“Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?”

Quite like this photograph of this fine looking leopard. Probably about a foot away from me although we were separated by a fairly sturdy piece of glass.

Pressed publish instead of preview so might add to this one later.


Quite possibly one of the finest zoos you can visit, if you’re ever in the Fuengirola area check out the Bio Park and take a walk around the lemurs.