Crail, Scotland apparently this is a good place for finding fossils although it’s a Site of Special Scientific Interest which makes it illegal to hammer away at the rocks or remove anything you may find from the site. In the not too distant future I plan to be on a beach where a winter jacket is not required.

Three shots together the middle part was too bright but think I’ve managed to get it looking not too bad thanks to the magic of lightroom.

Tracy Emin Art Everywhere

Tracy Emin Art  Everywhere

Tracy Emin on a bus stop beside the rubble of Tayside House. Last time I saw this was in an Aberdeen art gallery, if she keeps up the good work I’m sure she’ll make it some day. That’s five Art Everywhere’s I’ve seen now, nice to have a bit of culture on the streets of Dundee. Here’s the link to my previous Tracy Emin post.