The Guildford Arms


A fine looking bar I passed on a trip to Edinburgh a while back. I didn’t venture in but should have, having had a looking at their website and seeing the fine Jacobean style ceiling in the photographs. It even has a secret room hidden behind a wall!
Seems to be a lot of pubs in Edinburgh that haven’t changed much since the day they opened, have to say I prefer the more traditional looking public houses for a pint.

This is three shots stitched together with a slight HDR layer chucked in too.
The Guildford Arms website here LINK

Below the streets V.2

Prince Charming

Forgotten Dundee the toilets under the Perth Road. I’m not 100% sure when these closed or what era they date from but looking around the net they could be from Victorian times. Looks like it would have a pretty nicely tiled floor under the moss and mold.
The urinals are Adamant don’t think there’s too many of those around Dundee.

Caw blimey!

Caws Bar

Caws Bar Dundee I wouldn’t want to describe it as a den of iniquity but it certainly caters to a different class of clientele.
Looking at these old photographs Caws must be one of the oldest bars in Dundee if not the oldest. If it ever disappears I hope it gets a plaque like the Lion Tavern.
Having a wee Google and apparently Pillars Bar is the oldest city centre pub established in 1864 and reputedly haunted wooooooo spooky.

The original black and white can be viewed/purchased here LINK

Fancy a pint?

Lion Tavern

Can’t be to many pubs that get a plaque in their honour, the Lion Tavern got one so it must have been some place.
Nothing online to say why it has been remembered in this way.
In the Dundee Directory of 1824/25 A Mr Thomas Reid is listed as the owner of the Lion Tavern that is all I could find. Might send an email to the old museum to see if they have any info on this, they were pretty good at letting me know they’d skipped the WW1 oak memorial for the Dundee soldiers that gave their lives in the great war.


Edit: I’ve emailed the cheeky chaps at the McManus Galleries and will update the post with any info they give me. Fingers crossed.

The Bell Rock Tavern

ImageThe Bell Rock Tavern in Tayport has stood on the same spot since 1887 how do I know this? Because the cheeky chaps have their own WP page you can read the history of this watering hole and upcoming events here.