I do like a marble statue in black and white, the blacker the better!
I’ve had a wee thing I’ve been planning to do for months I’m just too lazy to do it, but since we’ve signed off our 2019 holidays with a return to Italy and a first time to Rome and on seeing room upon room of marble statues I thought it would be a good opportunity to put my plan in action with a slight nod to Joy Division’s album cover Closer.


Hercules leads the page and the next one reminds me of Machinemensch from Metropolis or it did at the time I snapped the shutter . Below . . . I can’t remember, really should have snapped the info plates too although I’m sure it said it was made of fifteen separate pieces.


I need another trip to Italy if I want to recreate the Joy Division Closer photograph, the mausoleum on the cover sits in a cemetery in Genoa.
These images were taken in the Capitoline Museum, well worth a visit if you’re in Rome.

Sleep with the fishes







Not the sharpest images I’ve ever taken but thought I’d share them anyway.
Walking along the marina of Cagliari we were greeted by a mass sea of fish. I’m not sure what kind they are but there were thousands of them, it would have been pretty simple to just reach in and pull one out.