Cagliari Penguins

Cagliari Penguins

A couple of days ago it was the Dundee penguins dressed up for halloween. A step back in time to last year and the penguins of Cagliari, Sardinia are chilling on the beach.
Penguins love a dip in the water here because it’s so warm especially at the end of July beginning of August, I highly recommend trying it.

Looks like I’m off again soon, a revisit again but sadly not to Sardinia. The last time I was in this little place we’re going to was tragically almost 30 years ago, that should help slow down the ageing process!

Power, corruption & lies


……it dies so quickly
It grows so slowly
But when it dies, it dies for good……..

Street full of flowers in Cagliari, Sardinia. The title stolen from New Order’s second studio album, the connection? It has flowers on the album cover.