This Sporting Life


Nipped down to see the famous Stobswell Rugby Football Club today and take a shot at shooting a bit of rugger.


I don’t know too much about this game but thought I’d see if I can get some decent shots. I was hoping for a bit of rain and mud and shoot the whole match as black and whites but it stayed dry whilst I was there.





Above is my shot of the day a nice bit of movement and nice blurring.


Not sure what the score was as I don’t actually know how you score rugby. I do know that the opponents did get at the very least three tries and once the temperature dropped I was off. These foreign bugs are tough too shake off!


The Falls Of Reekie Linn


The weekend past had fairly reasonable weather. We might be heading out of our recent ice age conditions and getting some heat soon, just before winter comes around again!

We’re at the Reekie Linn waterfalls they get their name from the Victorians. . . well the first part anyway. In Scotland Reekie means smoke and the spray coming off the water can have a smoke like appearance. Linn is Gaelic for dark pool or deep pool. So there you have it a smokey dark pool that apparently once conjured up the Devil himself.

The above image is one of the stumps on our walk out by the falls, looks like a Gothamesque skyline. Well it does to me anyway.


All that way and the above shot is my favourite of the day. A dead tree clings on to the side of a cliff with new creeping ivy slowly making its way up the trunk.

I don’t think my shots do the waterfall justice so here’s a wee video I snapped clinging on to the final boulder. Next stop the bottom!

It’s actually two falls but when it’s in full spate it creates a more stunning violent single torrent.
There’s a cave at the bottom of the falls called Black Dub. Legend has it that a murderous outlaw hid in the cave and as luck would have it the Devil popped up in the form of a large black dog and the spooked chap handed himself over to the authorities the following day. Could have been worse, he could have become chums with the dog and went all Summer of Sam on the local region.
The greatest trick the Devil ever produced was turning himself into a dog!

The Hands Of A Conjurer


A few shots I’ve taken recently for the chaps at Designer Events
Scotland’s very own DJ/Cocktail mixer extraordinaire. They do one, they do the other or they do both at the same time!


The hands of a conjurer or a card shark!



Not posted much this year so far. I do have a roll of film sitting in a camera that’s a couple of shots away from being finished. Been in there so long I’ve forgotten when I started it, once finished I’ll develop and show the results.

Minimalistic Snow


We’ve been battling off a little cold snap in Scotland the past week. I’ve had a wee walk across our local golf course for some photographs in the pristine snow.


A good amount of shots fired, apart from a couple of gigs this has been the most I’ve shot in a long time. Amazing what a change of scenery can do.


I do like a black and white and it doesn’t get much whiter than snow.



Attack Of The Coos!


Sunday past I decided to drag the tripod out for a wee shot that’s been in my mind for months, maybe years.
Left the house under steel grey skies only to get to the bottom of a fair climb under scorching summer conditions! Scottish summer that is. Not shorts weather but not wrapped up for a trek to the polar south either.

Despite the warmth I soldiered on to my destination. The cloud’s moving pretty fast and I’ve got visions of a stunning long exposure shot. Once I get to the location I can see what I’ve come to photograph but the only thing in the way is a cow infestation of epic proportions!
I briefly think that if I go in they’ll probably moooooove off to the udder end of the field but then decide it’s not worth the risk and bugger off without firing a single shot.

The top image is from another field on the way home. A happy bunch of moo moos and a rather frisky bull stalking his harem.


Would have loved a shot of him face on but he wasn’t up for getting too close to the camera.
I’m thinking that there may be a wee cow cull on the horizon but I’m obviously far from an expert in the world of cow farming. If there is then I’ll get my shot if there’s not expect to see cows standing beside you in Tesco!

Black Woods


A quick wee walk around the local woodland to fire off some shots. Not what I had in mind for this weekend but leaving vital supplies in work chucked a spanner in the planned efforts.


First images I’ve edited on a Mac my old Windows set up is more than likely over. I can now import direct to Flickr again without having to drag and drop due to some Windows problem.


Something new but old coming next week. Might have to dig the tools out for that.

Away Days

An away day with the Pansies taking the short trip from the Theatre of Dreams Glenesk Park to take on neighbours Lochee Harp who are playing their home matches in Dundee’s very own La Bombonera Downfield Park while the new Beechwood Park is being built.


Only goal difference separates the two sides going into this fixture but Violet have been in good form away from home so far. Expect plenty of 50-50 tackles and hopefully a goal or two.


Above the Prince of Beechwood Park(He told me to say that) tearing up the wing with his blistering pace and fancy footwork.


It’s gonna take more than nimble footed wingers to beat the Pansies cat between the sticks today.


No holding back in the challenges when there’s a chance to move three ahead of your rivals.


Violet take the lead! Not much action in front of the Harp goal in the first half but when it does come it’s in the form of a goal.


Violet start the second half well turns out that somewhere in the match I’ve missed a sending off. Doesn’t matter as Harp still look like they’re more than able of getting something.


Down to ten? Make that nine! Harp’s captain takes the long walk back to the dressing room after a straight red.


The game’s starting to open up for Violet now surely making their numerical advantage count.


That’s the second! Made the goal himself and surely wrapping up all three points for the Pansies and moving clear at the top of the league.




Harp do pull a goal back towards the end of the match, if you’ve read previous match reports by myself you’ll know I rarely get the goals. The Dundee Violet keeper did pull off a couple of good saves to keep the Pansies in front and that’s how the game finished. 1-2 Violet and top of the league on goal difference ahead of Luncarty.


More images may follow in the next day or two below.