Bianco e Nero


More from Venice and there will probably be more from Venice to come. A while back I was looking at the photographs of Josef Koudelka which led to me stumbling across the works of an Italian photographer, his name I can no longer remember. Anyway he had shot a lot of work in Venice may even have been from Venice himself, it was all in black and white and I think it’s the kind of city with it’s little alleyways and courtyards that look fantastic in black and white.


Impossible not to take a photo of a water when you’re on a city surrounded by the stuff.


St Mark’s Square shot for around 10 seconds. I was tripodless on the trip so I made do with whatever was flat and sturdy.
Below I found flat and sturdy but messed up the focusing and with being on one of the busiest bridges in Venice you don’t get a lot of time to be messing around to get the perfect shot.


The Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein or the Mordern Prometheus is 200 years old this year and before scandalously running off with the married Percy Shelley the young Mary lived in Dundee for a bit.
The cottage is no longer there, replaced by a handy set of steps which some people refer to as the Frankenstein Steps. A small plaque is on the wall to commemorate that the cottage is mentioned in the book.
Seeing as it’s a big birthday for the book and that the chances are I won’t be around for the three hundredth celebrations I thought I’d do a little knock up of the steps with its famous 1931 film.

Dundee Or The Modern Prometheus

Above Dr Frankenstein and his assistant rob the grave of a recently buried chap. In the book there is no assistant but the films tend to have loyal Igor at hand. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been in this graveyard. I was hoping some of the dates would go back to the time Mary would have lived in Dundee but the earliest I could spot was 1839.

Frankenstein Stairs, Dundee

The monster at the top of the steps, rays of sun though the clouds and the Tay road bridge powering over the river. When the book was released the rail bridge was still 60 years in the future and only lasted a year before falling in a furious storm.

Dr Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein sits at the bottom of the steps contemplating what he has done and the consequences that it has brought.

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Colin Clive who played the part of Dr Frankenstein had his own demons. He was a chronic alcoholic and dead by the young age of 37. His manic scream “It’s alive! It’s alive!” lives on.

No Fly Posters


Five years ago I posted a couple of shots of old painted signage outside tenements in Dundee city centre. LINK

Passing the same doorway yesterday I noticed that someone has made off with an old brass address plate revealing this poster underneath.
I’ve done a wee bit of research through the old Dundee directories and it appears that Mr Smith was at these premises from 1926 until 1939 when he moved to Victoria Road. He started out as a joiner and appears to have moved into property letting as the years went on.

This wee simple poster is not far away from 80 years old which I’m sure makes it the oldest one on show in the city of Discovery.

Just kicking down the cobblestones…

DSC_0180-EditPiazza del Duomo

A few weeks back I had been reading up on some photographers and ended up going through loads of photographs taken by Gianni Berengo Gardin. In one interview I read that he said something along the lines of shoot everything with a wide angle, so I decided to take only one lens. An old rabbit eared 28mm slapped on the Nikon, at the last minute I chucked in a zoom lens too for any hard to reach architecture but mainly shot with the 28.

Ponte Vecchio
Florence Streets
Via del Trebbio

The shot above because I love Italian signage as I was taking the shot I could hear a Vespa coming up from the right so carried on firing and hoped I could get it bang smack in the middle. Close!

Fotoautomatica machines are all over Florence and I assumed they were all over Italy but no they are just for the good people and tourists of Florence.
I thought they were a pretty cool relic of bygone days so fired of a shot of this one. By the time I lifted the camera everyone was in the photo, I think it works well though. Should have used the booth. Aaaaaagh!

Via Santa Monica
Chiesa di San Cristoforo

A wee breather in the Siena while a guide takes a group through the streets. Looking at the Exif this was shot with the zoom lens.

Bologna Or Bust
Bologna Or Bust

Bussing our way to Pisa and quickly snapped off these two chaps hitching back home, sure they made it eventually. Below a street performer outside the Uffizi nowhere near in focus but looks good in the black darkness, I’ll get it sharp when I go back.


“Not just a scooter, a way of life”

Vespa in Siena

So a week in Italy and we saw a tower in Pisa bucketloads of history in Florence, the track being prepared for this weeks Palio in Siena but it’s the above shot from Siena that’s my favourite from Tuscany so far.
Impossible not to grab a shot of the little Italian wasp when in Italy, as soon as I saw it sitting alone I knew how I wanted the image to look.
I had the picture in my mind of the Vespa illuminated with everything else darker. It was the first image I edited on our return and I’m tempted to get a decent size print blown up for framing.


A well stickered effort again in Siena and below a wee close up from Florence.


Old Film

Mobile and Phones

Finally got around to developing this 35mm film a couple of days ago, I think it’s been around for a year or more waiting. The film was actually out the can when I last attempted to develop then I realised that my developer was off! The film was then put back in the wee plastic case thing and it’s been sitting in a box ever since then.


Both above photographs are from a wee Edinburgh trip a couple of days at the Old Waverley Hotel. I had originally thought that the camera used was the Canonet QL17 but on developing it revealed a forgotten selfie and it’s definitely came from the Ricoh 500G, which I no longer have.


Above Edinburgh again. If you view these full screen you’ll notice all the dust and fluff a bit more that’s from my cheap wee scanner and not the actual negatives.

So all shot with the Ricoh 500G and the film in the back was the famous Poundland Agfa Vista Plus. I might need to put some pennies aside for a more dedicated scanner.