Wall E

Wall-E in Cagliari

Met this chap in Cagliari where he spends his days blowing the millions he earned from his one movie on Ichnusa and fine Italian cuisine. When he’s not doing that he sits on top of Torre di San Pancrazio attempting to get tourists to part with their cash for a look through his massive eyes.

Carraro in the wall


This has been sitting in the wall of our wee Caffe Borsa in the city centre for a few weeks now, or at least I only noticed it a couple of weeks ago.
What mysterious secrets does the cup contain? Probably the dog ends from any staff that smoke.

The title sounds like football commentary “That’s Carraro in the wall and the ball has cannoned off his head and past the wrong footed goalkeeper! An amazing end to this Sky Super Sunday Serie C clash”

Christmas Wall Art

Had a colleague who owns this company stick one of my pictures on a canvas as part of the good lady’s Chrimbo and have to say it looks pretty f**king good! Was originally meant to go above the stairs but the boss had decided against that. Image