Backwater Dam


A glorious autumnal day for firing up the little scoot for a trip northwards on board the Lexmoto. Taking in Backwater Dam and nipping into Blairgowrie on the way home for a needed pitstop.


I’d actually forgotten to take the old DSLR today so had to make do with the phone for any photography chances.




Almost forgot, here’s a wee film on the making and opening of the dam.



Something I’ve never really tried until now. Catching a drop of water bursting on impact.
Despite owning a lot of watches I don’t have many that are actually fully waterproof so the old Vostok Amphibia came into action for this shot.

This was the second shot on the first test burst, none of the rest came out with a good circular capture. I would have a prefered a more top down view but couldn’t nail it and then the batteries in the flash decided it was the end of the line. I might try again on another day.