Through the welding glass



Both taken using the old welding glass trick the second one has the ghost of a train sneaking across which I just noticed. The bridge in the photographs is the Tay Rail bridge the first one was blown down this one if still standing obviously.


Tay Rail Bridge


Playing around with my welding glass filter again. The picture above has the ghost of a train sneaking round from the right.
The bridge allegedly has a ghost train that crosses on the anniversary of the Tay Rail disaster. In the middle of the above picture you can see the original remains of the pillars of the previous bridge.


…….She’ll carry on through it all. She’s a waterfall………………


Another wee picture from sunny Spain this one in Fuengirola Biopark probably the best zoo I’ve been in. This picture was taken through my home made welding glass lens filter it’s turn’t out not too bad I think.

Look at us through the lens of a welding glass!


Today I decide to try using a welding glass as a filter for some long exposure shots. Obviously it’s not a high quality lens but it does a not to bad job for something designed for welding. It may have been a better with a stronger sun but unfortunately we’re in the middle of never ending snow.

I’m calling this a test run I’ll keep the glass in my camera bag for another go in the future.


The old church is the first picture taken with the welding glass. The light was a bit brighter so it does take a reasonable picture in the right conditions, just a pity the sky was full of grey with no cloud movement.

Below the contraption in action real hi tech stuff. I’ve decided to order an ND filter hopefully be here by the end of next week so I’ll give some more long exposure photography a go soon as possible.