Last Post Tombstone


Go out and shoot some film/digital or watch football and regret the chance to get out and a day wasted? Watched the football, or what I could be bothered to watch between flickin’ through recipes for tonight’s dinner and end up regretting the time wasted.

Briefly nipped out and fired off a few rounds from the DSLR with a 28mm lens slapped on the front. Nothing major decided to go for a dark look in the post processing.


The Dark Building


This one is just a quick play around with Silver Efex just to see what kind of things it can do. Apparently it’s really good at making the black, BLACK. So might give it a workout over the weekend.
This is the back part of the building where I was doing some urban exploration the past couple of weeks. Thought I’d found a new site but after a wee scout around today might not be as accessible as I thought.