Voices in my head

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Taken an age to get this through PS without getting the dreaded PS Not Responding, aaaaaaagh!
This is the old part of the asylum/hospital I’ve been doing a bit of exploration in and around, more photos in the previous two posts.
In the first post I referenced the little known film Session 9 about a squad of asbestos removers working in Danvers State Mental Hospital.
A box of recordings is discovered during the work which turns out to be interviews with a former patient that happens to have different people living inside her and she can also speak in different voices.
When I was in one part of the buildings someone had written the following.

Don’t waste your time on me¬†you’re already the voice inside my head…..

Merely lyrics from a Blink 182 song but try watching Session 9 then standing alone in an old abandoned asylum/hosital and reading them scrawled across a wall next door to the room marked therapy.




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